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Ride guidelines – Cycling4Fun

Ride guidelines

  • Helmets are mandatory, mirrors are recommended (as both helmets & mirrors are mandatory on the ACCCBT).
  • All riders bring water, spare tube, tools, $$$, etc. Clothing should be the layered method.
  • All rides will be touring/casual- but there may be two groups- not-as-fast (touring) & faster.
  • Most rides have additional loops/mileage/climbing available.
  • Ride/route maps will be distributed at the start of each ride.
  • Guest riders are encouraged and welcomed.
  • If necessary, my cell # is 510-388-8048.
  • No rider is left behind.
  • Ride will be canceled if raining, but Jerry waits until early morning (7:00am) to determine ride vs. sleep.
  • For easy identification at the starting/staging area, I will have the “bright orange safety cone” atop my sand colored Mazda MPV.
  • For planning purposes and courtesy, please notify the ride leader, Jerry Kruse, if you will be attending the ride or if you have any questions or concerns. Timely contact can be by email or my cell phone : 510-388-8048.