Cycling4Fun Adventures


The purpose of this website and Cycling4Fun is to share cycling activities that help established cyclists and new riders  train for 100K, or 100 mile rides and/or multi-day riding adventures. For nearly 20 years Cycling4Fun has provided an opportunity for cyclists to experience and enjoy progressive training through longer/more challenging rides in the SF Bay Area.

In addition to offering a challenging training program for established cyclists, Cycling4Fun wants to introduce new riders to cycling and encourage them to work toward participation in longer events. Cycling4Fun offers a mix of no-drop events designed to assist both experienced and new riders in reaching their cycling goals. Some rides and ride options are challenging while others are more modest which allow new members to participate with us without being pushed into rides which are too difficult for their interest or current abilities. C4F is open to riders of all ages and abilities

We want all C4F participants to have fun on their bike:

Fun between legs

  • You are introduced to the cool cycling rides/routes the Bay Area has to offer.;
  • You get to meet/ride/chat with fellow cyclists;
  • You can learn to enjoy riding while being safe;
  • You may be converted to a regular recreational/touring cyclist if you are not already addicted, I mean converted.

2023 events are published on the Events Calendar for your viewing pleasure. While this calendar represents our best planning at this time events are likely to change somewhat due to cancellations and rescheduling.  Under the Events Calendar drop down menu or upcoming events are identified on the right hand column. Just mouse over a highlighted date to see what’s going on or click on the date for details.

Need to know more about the rides? I know I always do! Or simply browsing for a fun ride to do? Check out our ever-growing Rides selection.

If you prefer the Meetup format the Cycling4Fun meetup is here:   Cycling4Fun also manages the New & Old Meetup for riders just starting their riding experience and for riders who want a gentler riding experience (New and Old Cycling (Hayward, CA) | Meetup).

Want to join us on a ride or have questions? Just email at  See you on the road!!!