Cycling Reference Chart


…for identifying where you is, and where you wanna be

How much riding preparation is required to have a pleasurable time on a Century ride or the Amgen California Coast Classic?

What are your current riding activities?

Group miles per week miles per month miles past 2 months comments
1a 10-20 40-80 75-150 Transitioning from mole to mobile
1b 20-40 80-160 150-300 1 or 2 rides per week. AKA: Overcoming inertia
2a 30-50 120-200 220-380 Recreational rider
2b 40-60 160-240 300-450 Really jazzed recreational rider
3a 50-75 200-300 350-550 Foundation miles + training miles, has a goal
3b 60-90 240-360 450-650 Training miles + foundation miles, has a bigger goal
4a 80-115 320-460 550-800 Sub-animal
4b 100-130 400-520 750-1,000 Animal… you are there!

With this hokey grouping, here’s my 2-cents worth (not to be confused with my post ride two scents):

  1. Training needs will increase as riders advance in grouping/groping and working towards their goal(s).
  2. Follow the 10-15% rule: No ride to be more than 10-15% more than any ride in the past 4 weeks. This is to avoid injury, sore buttinski, burnout, etc.
    Loosely translated:
    Prior to your first 100K (62 miles): in one day within the last 4 weeks, ride at least 55 miles.
    Prior to your first Century (100 miles): in one day within the last 4 weeks, ride at least 87 miles.
    If the 1st day of the ACCC is 86 miles: in one day within the last 4 weeks, ride at least 75 miles.
  3. I would advise riders to be at least at these (minimum) levels:
    • 1st 100K (62 miles): Group 2b.
    • 1st Century (100 miles): Group 3b.
    • ACCC: Work up thru the groups and last 6 weeks in group 3b/4a.
    • Death Ride (125 miles, 15,000 feet climbing): Balance of 4a/4b.
  4. Every bike ride is a good ride. Every bike ride with hills is a great ride!
    Loosely translated… Have a great ride! (include as much climbing as you can)
  5. Your spinning classes or riding on a trainer count as 6 miles per 30 minutes.
  6. If you are under 25 years old, there are no rules!!!